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Cerrejón is an integrated mining and transport complex in La Guajira, a department in the northernmost section of Colombia. It includes a thermal coal open-pit mine that producesmore than 32 million tons a year, a railroad that is 150 kilometres long, and a maritime port able to receive ships of up to 180,000 tons dead weight. The company employs more than12,000 people (direct jobs and contractors), of which over 99% are Colombian nationals. It is one of the most important private exporters and tax payers in Colombia.

Cerrejón is known for its social and environmental programs, which have earned it international awards. The Cerrejón Foundations System address the most significant issues in La Guajira: Water, Institutional Strengthening, Indigenous Guajira, and Progress. It works closely with the Colombian government and with national and international bodies to promote and accelerate development for La Guajira and its people.

Cerrejón is independently operated, but belongs in three equal parts to subsidiaries of BHP, Anglo American, and Glencore.

Visit Cerrejón

Visit Cerrejón

More than 19,000 people, including tourists and students from different corners of Colombia, visit Cerrejón every year. Enter here to learn about the requirements and recommendations for entering to our installations or to schedule your visit.


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