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Puerto Bolívar

Cerrejón's port operation in Alta Guajira, located next to the Bahía Portete Nature Park, proves that it is possible to mine while still respecting the environment. Ships worldwide arrive at the port, where they are loaded to distribute our product to our international clients.

Since 1985, we had had a direct loading system before it was a legal requirement in Colombia. The coal is collected and transported directly to the loader, which deposits the mineral in the ship's holds.

15 or 20 ships

arrived on average per month

610.000 t

is the storage capacity in Puerto Bolívar

Since 1985

we have a direct-loading system


In the center of La Guajira is the heart of our operations. We carry out the exploration and exploitation of Colombian coal following the highest operational and environmental standards.


Through an automatic loading and unloading system, the train connects the mining operation with Puerto Bolívar on a journey of approximately four hours. It is the only railway operation globally that has an escort system to prevent accidents on the railway line.