Nearly 50 years making history in Colombia


We delivered 300 million liters of water to 164 communities in La Guajira with the “Water Train”


Glencore completes the purchase of Cerrejón.


From 2014 to date, we have delivered 200 million liters of drinking water to the communities neighboring our operations.


Claudia Bejarano became the first female CEO of the company. Almost 50% of Cerrejón’s executive committee consists of women.

We planted two million native trees and rehabilitated more than 4,400 hectares of land, contributing to the formation of a biodiversity corridor of more than 25,000 hectares between the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serranía del Perijá.


With the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, we established the first tropical dry forest laboratory in the Colombian Caribbean with a huge parcel of land (10 hectares) to monitor this ecosystem.


We inaugurated the second ship loader in Puerto Bolívar, and Bahía Portete was declared a National Nature Park.


Intercor merged with Carbones del Cerrejón S.A., and the partnership’s legal name changed to Carbones del Cerrejón LLC (now Carbones del Cerrejón Limited).


We launched our Land Reclamation Program of lands disturbed by mining before it was a legal requirement in Colombia.


Before becoming a legal requirement in the country, we implemented a direct coal-loading system by conveyor belt in Puerto Bolívar.


The first train trip (150 km) transported 8,500 tonnes of coal from the mine to Puerto Bolívar.


Carbones Colombianos S.A., CARBOCOL and INTERCOR. A signed a partnership contract to exploit El Cerrejón Zona Norte (for an initial period of 33 years).


The Colombian government opened a tender to international firms for the coal exploitation of 32,000 hectares and chose INTERCOR, a subsidiary of Exxon Corporation (currently Exxon Mobil).