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  • #WeAreCerrejón

    At Cerrejón we collect the resource that the earth offers us and transport it to the world where it is transformed into energy.

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  • Juntos

    Together, we make an operation possible

    Our team is the most important. Together, we enable a safe and healthy operation that interacts responsibly with the environment and communities.

  • #WeAreDiversity

    We identify more than 600 species of animals that live harmoniously with our operation, making our conserved areas their home.



Measures implemented against COVID-19

Learn about the actions we develop in the world scenario of Public Health due to COVID-19 that seek to prevent the spread of contagion within our operations, as well as support La Guajira to face the crisis.

The Bruno stream is very much alive

Four years after the partial modification of the Bruno stream, the current channel has created a biodiversity corridor between the Montes de Oca forest reserve and the Ranchería river.

#LaYoutuberMinera, a different view of mining

In a different format, hear about the most common myths that exist about the development of mining. #LaYoutuberMinera has come to be the voice of all those who believe that responsible mining is possible.


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2020: Cerrejón, La Guajira and COVID-19

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