The responsible use of water is one of our top priorities. For this reason, we carry out our mining activities with industrial or mining water, which is not suitable for human, animal or agricultural consumption.

93% of the water used in our mining processes comes from rainwater that is used to control dust emissions from our operations. The remainder is collected from the Ranchería River and its alluvial aquifer and is used for the consumption of employees and contractors, their families, and delivery to the communities in our area of ​​influence. In Puerto Bolívar, 100% of the water used comes from the sea and is made drinkable in a desalination plant.

Thanks to the work to protect and conserve the watersheds that we carry out within the mine, the flow of the Ranchería River has increased by an average of 39% in the last seven years as it passes through the operation, as recorded by the measurements that we IDEAM monitoring stations are delivered.

We monitor the quality and quantity of water in the water bodies we interact with. Twenty-nine sensors provide real-time data on the state of surface and groundwater and help us measure various parameters to ensure that our activity complies with Colombian regulations.