We work on our social performance strategy to ensure that our community engagement allows us to build trust and work proactively and closely, listening to their concerns and needs and creating actions with them that continue to contribute to improving their quality of life.

Our strategy seeks to ensure our operations' viability by responsibly managing our impacts, improving our neighboring communities' living standards and maintaining permanent engagement aligned with our long-term plans for the closure of operations.

Stories from our partners

Nelson Arregocés, showing that supporting sport transforms lives.

Nelson, a member of the resettled community of Roche, based on discipline has developed a sports project that transforms the lives of young people in the department. Know his story, very soon, he will give us another Luis Díaz.

Darwin Oñate, music that reaches the hearts of guajiros young

At the Cerrejón Symphony Orchestra we have local talent who help preserve the culture of the department. Francisco el Hombre legend lives in the notes of our children and their teachers, find out in this video.

Carlos Daniel, the positive impact of a good mother.

Carlos is the son of Milena Curvelo, our social analyst, who today tells us how a woman with the power to change is the basis for great family teachings.