Cerrejón's commitment to La Guajira goes far beyond investment, paying taxes, or creating quality jobs. Cerrejón always seeks the highest standards of ethics and respect in its engagement with all its stakeholders.

Since the beginning of our operations, the most critical challenge has been to operate a large open-pit mine, complying with Colombian regulations and incorporating international standards, and responding to the expectations of the communities neighboring the operations and of the region.

Our strategy seeks to ensure our operations' viability by responsibly managing our impacts, improving our neighboring communities' living standards and maintaining permanent engagement aligned with the long-term plans for the closure of operations.

We are committed to undertaking our operations responsibly. Regarding the environment and our neighboring communities, we have a strategy that allows us to manage the risks and impacts that could arise from our operations, coordinate our company, promote environmental education throughout the company, and constantly and transparently communicate with our management. Our environmental strategy is aligned with five points: Biodiversity and landscape, water, air, waste and materials, and energy and climate action.