Suppliers and contractors

We know that our contractors and suppliers are relevant partners in undertaking responsible mining. If you are part of this group, you will find information on processes and contacts to resolve your concerns on this site.

This webpage contains updated information on processes with our suppliers.

Processes and Requirements

We have an Annual Purchasing and Contracting Plan. We identify opportunities, which allows us to conduct the proper market research to collect information necessary for decision-making.

To be part of our processes for purchasing goods or contracting services/works, take into account the following points:

  • Our suppliers and contractors are selected based on the necessary skills and requirements, depending on the nature of the purchasing or contracting processes. 
  • For the identification of suppliers and contractors, Cerrejón has a supplier portal managed by an external company called PAR Servicios and whose contacts to register are:

July Marcela Parra Lara

  • The purchasing and contracting processes are carried out through a web platform called Coupa, where after being invited by Cerrejón to a tender process, they can interact with the Purchasing/Contracts analyst and present their formal offer. 
  • The evaluation of the proposals received ends with the selection of the supplier or contractor and a purchase order or master order is issued in the case of the acquisition of a good or, with the perfection and signing of a contract in the case of a service or construction site. All this will be via COUPA.
  • Not having conflicts in their Due Diligence as part of the Cerrejón Corruption Prevention Guide and Glencore's Responsible Sourcing standard.


  • The company must be formally constituted as a legal entity, in the case of Colombian companies regarding the Chambers of Commerce of Colombia and for foreign companies with the proper documentation that proves their incorporation. 
  • Must not have conflicts in its due diligence as part of the Cerrejón Corruption Prevention Guide. 
  • Must comply with the operational and technical integration requirements defined by CERREJÓN in the process. 
  • Must have a good or stable financial condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a Cerrejón supplier?

    For the identification of suppliers and contractors, Cerrejón has a supplier portal managed by an external company called PAR Servicios and whose contacts to register are:  

    In addition, you can contact

    • Purchases of Fuel/Raw Materials/Explosives/tires for mining equipment:
    • Purchases of CAT mining equipment/National manufacturing/Anti-wear sheets/Structural sheets and profiles:
    • Purchases of Hitachi mining equipment/Lubricants/Electrical/Hoses&Belts/Filters/Batteries/Refrigerants:
    • Purchases of Komatsu/Liebherr/Cummins/MTU/Pumps/Biofuel mining equipment:
    • Purchases for infrastructure in Puerto Bolívar/light equipment/Railway/Coal Plant Supplies:
    • Miscellaneous purchases (Bags, wood, etc.)/Pipes&Valves/Technology:
    • Purchases Tools/Hardware/Painting/Welding/Industrial Consumables:
    • Chemical Purchases/Supply & Personal Protection Elements:

    • Maintenance/Repair contracts of mining equipment components:
    • Construction contracts and civil, mechanical and electrical contracts/Maintenance of facilities/Consulting and project design:
    • Support and infrastructure service contracts for the coal/port handling chain:
    • Technology/Energy Services Contracts:
    • Environmental/logistics Consulting Services Contracts: and
    • Corporate Services & Human Resources Contracts: and

  • How do I know if I am already registered to participate in Cerrejón’s tenders?

    You can check with the supplier portal administrator, PAR servicios.

    If you are already a Cerrejón supplier or contractor, you can validate it with the purchasing/contracts analyst if you are already registered in the company's costing system.

  • Where and how do I submit my invoice?

    Since June 13, 2023, we have adopted the new COUPA platform for our purchasing and contract processes, so that any purchase order for goods or service orders from Coupa must be invoiced through the same platform. See manuals on our COUPA page.

    Any purchase order for goods or service certificate received from the previous platform, must be invoiced in the way you already know and is detailed below:

    The supplier/contractor must register only once in the portal through the following link here to guarantee the delivery of the receipt. This process is extremely important since without it, electronic documents cannot be delivered. We invite you to adopt electronic invoicing in accordance with the provisions of the law. More information here.

    Each electronic invoice, credit notes, and/or debit notes must be sent to the e-mail, attaching the files: XML and PDF. Multiple invoices should not be sent in a single e-mail, nor should your files be compressed.

    The supporting documents that need to be sent, such as: Payment authorizations, receipt of material or other documents associated with the electronic receipt sent, must be included in the same e-mail in which the XML file and the PDF are sent. The attachments must be sent in a single compressed file (.zip); the accepted formats are: pdf .docx .doc .xlsx .png .jpg .txt .csv and .xml.

    Note: Invoices with links to other pages, e-mails that do not have XML, e-mails with files other than the official ones, or e-mails that do not have attachments will be grounds for rejection.Once you have registered as a supplier in the Invoice 1 portal, you can also send the documents to Cerrejón by uploading the files directly to the portal designated by our technology provider. You can enter the portal by clicking on the following link The documents must meet the same requirements as indicated in points 1 and 2.

  • Were retentions applied in the payment of my invoice?

    To consult and/or determine this information, enter

  • Can I have my invoice paid before the due date (45 days from the date of submission)?

    Yes, as long as the service is received correctly or the material has been delivered, you can do factoring operations in the multi-banking platform at

  • I need the retention certificates

    This information is available on the page

  • When is the cut-off date for the submission of invoices for this month?

    The timeline for mailbox closing can be found on the page.

  • Where or how can I register or update data?

    If you have been favored in an award process with our company, you can register and/or update your data through COUPA and by contacting your purchasing and/or contract analyst.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for your purchase orders/master orders

Terms and Conditions for service contracts

Terms and Conditions for service contracts