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Spatial planning for resilient economic diversification: La Guajira, Colombia

The World Bank invited Cerrejón to a case study that resulted in this document, which describes how to use strategic spatial planning to gain insights into opportunities and constraints in territories dependent on mining.

Imaginarios colectivos y prácticas asociadas a la alimentación de la población guajira

Collective Imaginaries and Practices Associated with Feeding the Guajira Population

Learn about imaginary and practices associated with eating in La Guajira and nutritional recommendations and healthy practices to improve the quality of life in this department.

Sabores y saberes

Flavors and knowledge for a healthy and happy nutrition

Dialogue between medical-scientific knowledge and traditional eating practices that are healthy and in turn evoke emotions such as happiness, festivity and tranquility; related to the experiences of the Guajiras families.

Elevando la acción colectiva empresarial para la gestión del bosque seco tropical en Colombia

Promoting collective business action for the management of the tropical dry forest in Colombia

Contribution of the business sector to promote actions for the conservation, protection and restoration of the Dry Forest as a factor of regional and national competitiveness.


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