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A jaguar walks around the areas of Cerrejón

During the last years, our network of camera traps has detected the presence of different animals in our conserved areas, which confirms that our operation respectfully coexists with the ecosystems surrounding it and that mining activities can be carried out while conserving our ecosystems.

In these images, this network managed to record the presence of an adult jaguar and a puma that share the same water source and the same hunting territory in the more than 8,000 hectares protected by the company.

We have created a biological corridor where more than 35 species of mammals live. In this space, we have registered the presence of eight jaguars, 15 pumas, and more than 30 ocelots. The presence of felines is synonymous with an excellent state of conservation of these ecosystems and a demonstration that they maintain adequate conditions for these animals to have shelter, water, food, and a space for their passage. The network of cameras also recorded the presence of deer and zaínos, preferred by these large predators.

Cerrejón has a threatened species program, which constantly monitors the animals that inhabit the biological corridor and whose main objective is to increase the populations of endangered species.

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A jaguar walks around the areas of Cerrejón
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We are proud to be home to more than 370 species of animals. Our operation respectfully coexists with the ecosystems that surround it and this is recorded daily by our camera trap monitoring system.

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