Third party review - TPR

In 2008, to strengthen relations with stakeholders, improve the management of the impacts caused by the operation and contribute more to the improvement of living conditions in the communities in its area of ​​influence, Cerrejón convened an independent panel of experts to evaluate the social performance of the company.

The panel made several recommendations to Cerrejón, among which the following stand out: strengthening alignment with social standards, especially in enhancing organizational cultural change, promoting sustainable development in La Guajira, managing ongoing resettlements under international standards, and supporting the cohesion processes of the Tabaco community, among others.

The Third Party Review Panel (TPR) comprised: Professor John Harker from the University of Cape Breton in Canada; Salomón Kalmanovitz, former dean of the Faculty of Economics of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University; Nick Killick, from the NGO International Alert; and Elena Serrano from the Chilean NGO House of Peace (Casa de la Paz).

Based on the panel's recommendations, we have worked to close historical issues, strengthen the implementation of international standards, and increase the impact of our social investment. All this is undertaken with an attitude of openness, transparency, and participation.

Of the 24 specific commitments that we agreed to advance on, we have fulfilled 22 and continue working on the remaining two.

Amongst our concrete achievements, we should highlight the implementation of an organizational culture committed to the application of international standards for the responsible management of operational impacts; the transfer of 100% of eligible families for resettlement following the standards defined by the IFC; the execution of projects to improve access to water for indigenous communities; institutional, community, and indigenous culture strengthening; and impact projects for the region.

We have two commitments pending.

  • Together with the Tabaco community, we must build the community centre on the property chosen by the community, donated by Cerrejón to the municipality of Hatonuevo, and carry out the works to provide roads and public service networks. To advance in these tasks, we actively participate in the relocation monitoring and oversight roundtable and support the community and the mayor's office in the necessary steps to achieve the reconstruction goal in accordance with the community's wishes.
  • It is still necessary to continue working on programs to ensure that the living conditions of the resettled families are adequate. Although some production projects have been successful, others need to be redefined or replaced by other employability mechanisms to ensure the economic sustainability of families in the long term.

All projects, together with the semi-annual reports of the progress achieved, are available for consultation: