Riohacha treatment plant

With an approximate investment of 7,000 million pesos, applying the Works for Taxes mechanism promoted by the National Government, we carried out the expansion of the Water Treatment Plant of the Riohacha aqueduct, which increases the water production capacity to 100 liters per second, directly improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the capital of the department.

Works for Taxes is a mechanism designed by the National Government as a possibility of involving the private sector in actions aimed at development and increasing competitiveness in different regions of the country, mainly in areas that had a greater impact due to the internal conflict.

This project is an example of how the private sector can transform resources into better living conditions. Cerrejón aspires to be able to do more of these projects, in order to contribute directly to the construction of peace scenarios and to the contribution of the department's progress.

  • The expansion works were carried out in eight months. Record time for this type of project.

  • Construction of an additional module with the capacity to produce 100 liters per second.

  • Sludge tank and a drying bed were built, necessary for carrying out the purification processes.

  • The project was carried out following high quality standards and without any incidents.

Other projects

Maicao Laboratory

As part of our support to La Guajira during the pandemic, we donated to the San José de Maicao Hospital the first molecular biology laboratory in the region for the analysis and processing of COVID-19 tests, which included the purchase and transportation of more than 30 items of equipment and the upgrading of the facilities.